the 4th ICON

The 4th International Conference in Nursing (ICON) 2018

Please refer to the following link to get detailed information about the 4th International Conference on Nursing 2018. 


Nursing as a profession is required to develop its knowledge as a concern in improving the welfare of mankind both in pre-clinical and clinical settings. To be able to develop its knowledge, nursing is required to be responsive to changes that occur in the environment at any time. It also cannot be separated from the various changes, such as technology, variations of disease types as well as techniques of nursing intervention. The existence of various changes that occur will lead to various trends and issues that require improving in nursing care

Recent statistics demonstrated an increasing trend of chronic disease incidence and prevalence, either in developing or developed countries. A report by World Health Organization (WHO) predicted that by 2020 non-communicable diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, and metabolic diseases will contribute to 70% of mortalities. This percentage highlight the urgency of developing the management of chronic illness. It is essential for healthcare professions to strengthen their science and quality of practice.

Therefore, we invite you to actively involve in seeking global solutions by participating in "The 4th International Conference on Nursing (icon) : Innovation and Future Direction in Chronic Care Nursing: Utilization of Research and Technology In Clinical Practice " which will be held in Septrember 2018. This event gives a chance for academic and health professionals to gain and share information on nursing and health issues and research especially in chronic care area. We do expect this conference will be an opportunity to meet and gather with colleagues from different countries and other parts of Indonesia.

You can participate in 4th ICON 2018 by submitting your paper for oral and poster presentationsor just attending this event to stay updated with current research and issues in Nursing and Health Areas. We believe 4th ICON 2018 will be a excellent opportunity for all of us to expand our networking.