The 4th International Conference on Nursing

International Conference on Nursing (ICON) September 8th-9th, 2018

Overview of Depression Incident among Elderly who Aged 60-74 Years Old in Ngumpul Village, Jogoroto Sub District Jombang City

December 1, 2018 admin Abstracts / Papers

Author :

Wiwiek Widiatie, Siti Muniroh, Kurniawati

Affiliation :

Faculty of Health Science, University of PesantrenTinggi Darul ‘Ulum, Jombang, Indonesia

Abstract :

Introduction Generally, the physiological decline among elderly both physically and mentally will give an effect such as less sensitive to various stimuli both internal and external so elderly are vulnerable to mental disorders such as depression. The aim of this study to assess the over view of depression among elderly who aged 60-74 years old in Ngumpul Village, Jogoroto Sub District, Jombang City. Methods The research design in this study used description approach. The population was all elderly people who aged 60-74 years old with the number of population is 526 people. The sample size was 55 respondents by using simple random sampling method. The data were collected by using questionnaire Geriatric Depression Scale questionnaire to assess depression level of elderly. The results of this study found that almost all (87.3%) of respondents did not have depression experience. Results At the interview time found that the respondent who has depression was because of bed an event or unconditional environment (often left by their families), anxiety, negative thoughts (bored living in this world). A small percentage of family members who have experienced depression. Conclusion The conclusion in this research was not have depression experience incidence of depression among Elderly who aged 60-74 years old in Ngumpul Village Jogoroto Sub-district, Jombang city.

Keywords :

Depression Incidence; Elderly

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