The 4th International Conference on Nursing

International Conference on Nursing (ICON) September 8th-9th, 2018

Proceedings (ISBN)

February 3, 2020 admin

The proceedings is recognized as an International conference proceedings in comply with the current regulation of Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Operational Guidelines to Assess Credit Score of academic/ grade promotion for lecturers, Year 2019).

The 4th ICON proceeding meet the requirements outlined by the regulation with :

  1. Written in English by participants come from many countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippine)
  2. Involved 4 countries in steering committee and reviewers (Indonesia, Philippine, Australia, and England)
  3. Invited keynote speakers from 5 countries (Australia, Indonesian, Philippine, Thailand, and Malaysia)
  4. Has an ISBN
  5. Has an URL or electronic web address for each abstracts/ papers

Please click here for the proceedings published by Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya, ISBN 978-602-74531-4-2